5 Best Women’s Hairstyles for a Square Face

woman with a square face

Some of the most attractive celebrities have square-shaped faces. Minnie Driver, Demi Moore, Keira Knightley, and Sandra Bullock all have strong, angular jawlines, but always seem to have a hairstyle that softens that angle. If your face is as long as it is wide, you need a hairstyle for a square face. Vakkar stylists can create a look that plays up your best features and makes you feel like you just stepped out of Hollywood.

How Do I Know if I Need a Hairstyle for a Square Face? 

During an initial consultation with our clients, we always take time to analyze the texture and thickness of the hair, along with the shape of the face. This helps us determine which hairstyles will work best. 

After so many years in the business, our professional stylists are experts at determining face shape, but you can use a soft measuring tape to discover your face shape at home. Grab a piece of paper and measure each of the following, then write down the answers:

  • Forehead width: The distance across your forehead at its widest point, hairline to hairline.
  • Cheekbone width: The distance across your face, from the hairline just above your cheekbone to the same spot on the other side.
  • Jawline width: Starting under your ear, the distance along the edge of your jaw to the middle of your chin. Multiply that number by two.
  • Face length: Start at the center of your hairline and measure to the tip of your chin

Determine which of the following face shapes the resulting numbers represent. 

  • Square. Your face is as wide as it is long, but with a more angular shape than a round face.
  • Round. The cheeks and forehead are the same width, and the face length is as long as it is wide.
  • Oval. The face is longer than it is wide.
  • Heart. The face shape is narrow at the chin and wide at the forehead. 
  • Diamond. The face is widest at the cheekbones while the forehead and jawline are narrow and are equal widths.
  • Oblong. The forehead and lower face are the same width, and the face is longer than it is wide. 

The Best Way to Style Hair for a Square Face

The key to creating the perfect style for a square face is to draw attention away from a sharp jawline to elongate the face. Here are some methods for doing that:

Soften the Jawline with Loose Waves

Blunt cuts that stop at the chin are not the best hairstyle for a square face. Instead, waves that hit below the collarbone add softness to a strong jawline. If you have natural waves or curls, skip the straightening routine, and if your hair is naturally straight, dry it upside down to add volume to the crown and use a 1.5-inch barrel curling iron to create loose, bouncy waves. Cameron Diaz pulls off loose waves and a medium-length cut beautifully. 

Create a Deep Side Part to Elongate the Face

Parting hair on the side distracts from sharp angles and makes the face look longer. As long as hair is parted on the side, you can pull off a longer style or even opt for a bob or lob that hits just below the chin. Jennifer Aniston’s hair is usually parted on the side with longer layers but she pulls off this bob well.

Sweep Bangs to the Side

Bangs can work on a square face as long as they don’t span the width of the forehead since that can make the face look wider. Soft side bangs, particularly long bangs that graze the brows and continue into long layers, create a lengthening effect. Here, Sandra Bullock’s side-swept bangs flow perfectly into the rest of her hair. 

Turn up the Volume With Layers

Textured layers create ideal hair for square face shapes because they cut the jaw, slim the neck, and create volume and height at the crown. Beachy waves make a great addition to layers on square faces. If you don’t have natural waves, try wrapping hair vertically around a curling wand away from the face – then break the waves up with a wide-toothed comb. Wavy layers can be parted in the center, off-center, or deep-side, and should start to flip out just above the jawline. Mandy Moore looks gorgeous in this layered cut.

Pull Your Hair Up

It’s a common myth that women with square faces can’t pull off up-dos. When styled right, pulling the hair back can actually have a slimming effect. The trick is to add volume and height at the crown and frame the face with loose tendrils, as Keira Knightley does here.

Other Methods for Slimming a Square Face

Beyond the cut and style you choose, hair color and makeup can work wonders to accentuate your best features.

Using the Right Hair Color

A lighter color on top of the hair cascading into darker locks at the bottom will help elongate and slim the face. Our stylists love to create low-maintenance, lived-in color that flatters your natural face shape. 

Creating Contour with Makeup

To soften a square jawline, try applying concealer starting at the bottom of the earlobe and working toward the chin. Lifting the cheekbones with makeup also has a slimming effect. Apply contour at the top of the cheekbone and blend well, as in this contouring tutorial for a square face.  

Vakkar Stylists Can Help You Choose the Best Cut and Color for Your Face Shape

When you step into our salon, our goal is for you to leave feeling confident and secure with yourself — and ready to tackle whatever life brings your way. We take time to make sure the look we create is not only flattering for your face shape but also fits your lifestyle and is easy to maintain until your next appointment. Schedule a consultation today. We can’t wait to make you feel beautiful!

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