Razor Cutting Can Deliver a Soft, Piecey Look (But Only When Done by the Right Stylist)

Are you envying Jennifer Aniston’s angled, edgy bob? It’s always full of movement and has a beautiful texture. One way to achieve this look is with a razor cut. Razors are great for creating soft, wispy ends that traditional hair shears can’t always do. The only problem with a razor cut is that it’s a special technique. It needs to be performed by a knowledgeable stylist, or it could end up looking frizzy or even damage your hair. 

What is Razor Cut Hair?

In a razor cut, we first start with scissors to create your desired length and shape. Then, while it’s still wet, we use a sharp razor and make strokes towards the ends of the hair to produce a jagged effect. A razor can also be used to remove weight from thick hair or to add texture to flat, fine hair. The number of strokes we make depends on how much hair we want to take off and what kind of style we’re trying to achieve. Razor cut short hair such as pixie cuts are meant to look a bit messy and choppy, while longer styles can look soft and feathery (think Farrah Fawcett). We either use a straight-edge blade or a jagged blade with teeth; it really just depends on the type of haircut and the texture of the hair. Then, we carefully detail the hair to correct the tiniest flaws and make sure it’s perfectly blended. 

The Importance of Sharp Tools and an Expert Stylist in a Razor Cut

Cutting hair with a razor can deliver super cool, piecey results, but a razor can be very damaging to the cuticles if it’s not sharp enough. If you ever ask for a razor cut and you can feel the razor tugging at the ends of your hair, it’s a red flag that the stylist’s blade is dull. (Don’t worry, at Vakaar, we use a new, sharp razor on every client.) A good quality sharp razor will cut smoothly through the hair without you feeling a thing.

Professionally trained stylists know that razors can be destructive, and will take precautions to ensure the hair can handle a razor before using one. If one of our stylists sees that your hair is damaged by bleach or is really frizzy, they will discuss how to make the hair healthy before doing a razor cut. 

Expert stylists also know that whether they want to razor cut short hair, medium hair, or long hair, they must hold the razor at an angle. A shallow angle results in soft, feathery edges, while a 30-degree angle removes bulk and creates texture. For blunt ends and a soft blended surface, the razor needs to be held at 45 degrees.

A stylist who holds the razor perpendicular to the hair will shred the cuticle and result in fuzzy ends while holding the razor flat will create a thin, fragile edge similar to split ends. 

Can Scissors Do the Same Thing as a Razor?

In general, cutting the ends of hair with scissors will result in a more blunt cut than a razor can achieve. However, certain techniques with shears can soften edges and add movement and texture and are safer than using a razor on some clients. 

Point cutting or slide cutting with shears can create a jagged, edgy look. Thinning shears can help remove weight and add texture. The good thing about a professional salon is that we are well-versed in all the tools of the trade. We will go over your desired look during a consultation and determine which finishing touches are best to achieve it. 

Schedule an Appointment at Vakkar to find out if Razor Cutting is Right for You

When you come to Vakkar and ask us “What is razor cut hair?” we won’t just give you a definition. We will discuss what the cut entails, whether it will work on your hair, what the end results will look like, and how much maintenance it will need. 

Our goal is always to deliver a hairstyle that fits with your lifestyle, so we will be honest about which cut is best for you. Just schedule a consultation online or give us a call at (314) 991-1616 to discover your ideal style! 

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