What’s the Best Hairstyle for a Round Face?

hairstyle on a round face

The best hairstyles for a round face add height to the top of the head and length at the bottom — essentially creating an oval illusion. Hair color and makeup placement can also help to create a more defined look that elongates the face. Whether your hair is straight, thick, thin, or curly, our stylists always have suggestions for the best looks that will fit you and your lifestyle. 

Flattering Women’s Hairstyles for a Round Face

When clients come in for a consultation, we assess 6 critical parts of the face to determine which style is best for their face shape. We look at the eyes, nose, lips, cheekbones, jaw, and chin. Every client is different, but these are the general recommendations for what looks great with a round face:

Opt for a Side Part

The way you part your hair can make a difference in how round your face looks. A middle part with long layers is one good option for elongating the face, but an even better option is a deep side part. When you align the part with the outermost corner of your eye, it adds a flattering bump of volume at the crown. 

Ditch the Blunt Bangs

Sharp, stiff bangs above the brow tend to over-accentuate roundness. When bangs sweep softly to the side, the asymmetry breaks the roundness and adds a soft dimension. Textured, wispy side-swept bangs should blend seamlessly with longer layers. 

Frame the Face With Soft Layers

Adding layers to your hair can introduce movement and dimension, which can help break up the uniform roundness of your face. The key is to frame the face with angled layers starting at the cheekbones and cascading to the chin and then just below the shoulders. 

Avoid Tight Curls

The best curly hairstyle for a round face is long, loose, and relaxed. When you have natural curls, a short cut tends to add volume to the sides of the head, making the face look wider. Keeping the hair past shoulder length and relaxing curls with a keratin treatment is a great way to elongate the face and create a softer style. 

Pull it Up and Back

A high ponytail adds volume to the crown to make the face look thinner. Whether you pull just half of your hair up or all of it, make sure to leave a few loose, wispy strands around the face for a flattering, put-together look. Just make sure to use a fabric hair tie instead of elastic to prevent breakage. 

high ponytail with a round face
Image by beaveraphotos by Canva.com

Avoid Face-Framing Highlights 

When we discuss the best hairstyles for a round face, we don’t just consider the cut. Strategic color correction can distract the eye from the outer curve of the face and bring it down towards the chin instead. Highlights should never frame a round face. Instead, place them under the top layer near the temples. Another option is to place a darker fringe around the face and then add highlights at the ends to make the face look longer. 

Thin the Face with Makeup

Besides a great hairstyle, the right makeup placement is everything when elongating the face. Our makeup experts suggest applying a bronzer at least two shades darker than your skin tone along the cheekbones, then spreading it slightly wider just before the ears for an angular look. You can also apply bronzer along the jawline for more definition, but avoid the chin since it can make your face look smaller and rounder. 

At Vakkar, We Want You to Embrace the Face You Were Born With

As stylists, we absolutely love that each of our clients is unique. The shape of your face, the color of your hair, your personality, your career choice….all of those things are what make you who you are. Instead of trying to change any of that, we offer solutions that help you to embrace all of it! 

When you schedule a consultation, we take plenty of time to discuss your concerns, such as what is the best hairstyle for a round face, how to choose a hair color that doesn’t require much maintenance, and ways to change your makeup to compliment the new spring hair colors. We can’t wait to hear how we can help you, so get in touch with us today!    

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