I’m Pregnant. What is Happening with My Hair?

Pregnancy is an exciting time as you anticipate the arrival of your new baby. But it can also be frustrating if you’re dealing with hair that has become wiry, unruly, or is falling out like crazy. Some pregnant women even deal with hair color changes, and wonder if it’s safe to fix it with color correction. 

At Vakkar, we want your pregnancy to be as enjoyable as possible. We’re here to answer your questions, provide solutions, and help you feel beautiful all the way up to delivery day and beyond.  

Does Your Hair Change During Pregnancy?

Hormone fluctuations during pregnancy can definitely cause changes in your hair. 

It’s very common for hair to grow thicker and longer, especially around 15 weeks. This is because estrogen production increases substantially, which stops new follicles from pushing hair out as they normally do. Hair that stays in grows longer and gets thicker, which many pregnant women enjoy all the way up until they give birth or stop breastfeeding. 

Increased estrogen levels can also affect the shape of hair follicles, so you might notice changes in your natural hair’s texture . If you normally have straight hair, it might become wavy. On the flip side, your beloved curls could fall flat. In some women, these changes are just temporary, but in others, it becomes their new normal — even after giving birth. 

What if Hair is Falling Out?

When estrogen levels return to normal after pregnancy, it might seem like the floor is covered with your hair. This is just because you’re finally shedding all of those thick, luscious locks. You should notice less hair falling out after about 3 months .

But if you’re still pregnant and notice more hair loss than usual, it could signal a nutritional deficiency. Your baby is essentially eating up a lot of the protein, iron, and calcium you take in, and hair relies on these nutrients to grow. Focus on eating healthy foods like eggs, lean meats, beans, and fruits and vegetables.  If you aren’t taking a prenatal vitamin or another supplement recommended by your doctor, you may want to start — for the health of your hair and your body. 

If you’ve been dealing with morning sickness and can’t take in enough food or can’t keep enough nutrients down, you might also notice more hair falling out. Talk to your doctor about medications that can help.

What Hair Treatments or Products Should Be Avoided While Pregnant?

Dealing with texture changes might tempt you to try methods to reverse their effects, but now is not the time to risk your baby’s health. For instance, keratin treatments are excellent for taming unruly curls, but it’s not safe to breathe the formaldehyde in them while pregnant. It’s also best to avoid perms if your wavy or curly hair has fallen flat since there is evidence that exposure to perm chemicals can cause nausea and may even harm your baby’s central nervous system. 

When it comes to products, it’s always best to avoid those with oxybenzone, phthalates, and parabens which have been linked to infant obesity . Our stylists will recommend shampoos and conditioners that are safe to use during pregnancy and help you embrace your hair’s “current situation.”    

Can Hair Color Change During Pregnancy?

Many expectant mothers get a dark patch of skin on their faces known as the “mask of pregnancy.” These spots are caused by alterations in the hormone melanin which is responsible for making pigment. If you’re noticing that your hair is getting lighter or a little darker than usual, it’s probably due to changes in your melanin levels. It’s pretty uncommon, but there have been reports of pregnant women going from blonde to red, brunette to blonde, and so forth. 

If you find yourself going gray for the first time or see more grays popping up than usual, it could signify a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, B7 (biotin), and B12 are all linked to pigmentation , so adding foods with these nutrients or a doctor-approved supplement that contains them could help your color return. 

Is it Safe to Color Hair When Pregnant?

When so many changes are happening with your body, it might be hard to embrace that your hair color has changed too. If you want to change it back to what you’re used to or just add highlights to compliment your pregnancy glow, it’s generally considered safe. Of course, you should always get your doctor’s consent, but the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says hair dye is usually safe to use during pregnancy because very little dye is absorbed through the skin. 

Does Your Hair Change During Pregnancy? Definitely. Can Vakkar Help? Of Course! 

We consider our clients members of our family, and we’re always thrilled to hear when there’s a new little one on the way. From the moment you tell us you’re expecting, we will take time to consult with you about your concerns and formulate a plan to keep your hair gorgeous — all the while keeping your baby safe. 

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