Soft, Subtle Hair Colors Are Everything This Spring

As we say goodbye to dreary St. Louis winter weather, we say hello to more sunshine and fresh spring hair colors. While 2023 saw a return to the chunky highlights of the ‘90s and early 2000s, 2024 will be all about subtle, blended colors that scream “I didn’t even have to try hard to look this good!” The effortless look doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. It just requires visiting a salon like Vakkar that knows how to deliver beautiful color.


Blondes can definitely have more fun, but it doesn’t require a bleached-out look to get there. Classic looks like these will do just the trick.

Lived-in Blonde

Low-key and natural, this blonde has a melted vibe that says I’m beautiful just the way I am.

Muted Blonde

Say goodbye to ashy, icy blonde and hello to neutral golds. These softer, warmer hair tones can take on a champagne or beige hue depending on the wearer’s skin tone.

Timeless Honey Blonde

A creamy, buttery blonde like this is a nice option for those who want to go a little brighter but prefer to steer away from the Sun-in look. 


These warmer hair tones are perfect for brunettes who want a touch of sophistication and finesse this spring.

Natural Chocolate Ombre

This ombré look allows brown-haired girls to embrace their natural dark locks without the monotone color. It’s achieved by melting a dark mocha base into bronzed chocolate ends. 

Classic Golden Brunette 

A headful of golden blonde babylights gives fresh life to classic brown hair. It’s not super noticeable but beautiful all the same. 

Subtle Smokey Brunette

This color melt blends dark cacao with ash tones for an elegant, smokey look. Swirls of rich warm hues complement a natural smokey base while adding dimension with subtle pops of light.

Red Hair

We often think of redheads as fiery and intense, but subtle is the keyword for choosing spring hair color this year.

Soft Ginger (muted copper)

It’s soft but screams confidence. With all-over coppery dimensional highlights, this color lets you dip your toe in the redhead pool without making a big commitment. 

Fresh Strawberry Blonde

Romantic and elegant. That’s the look that this blend of blonde and pink hues creates. A tinge of pink is perfect for a more muted spring hair color, while a punch of rose gold can deliver a more vibrant hue.

Iced Tea

It’s pale, but so pretty. Reddish-gold is the best way to describe this great combination of classic warmth and modern freshness. Best of all? It can work well on a lot of skin tones. 

At Vakkar Salon, We’ll Tell You What Spring Hair Color Will Bring Out Your Beauty Best

If you’re not sure which hair color for spring is best for you, just schedule a consultation at Vakkar! We are always honest with our clients and love to offer expert advice on colors and styles that compliment your skin tone, facial shape, personality, and lifestyle. 
Book an appointment today and enjoy the warmer weather with beautiful locks.

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