What Does a Good Consultation with a Hairstylist Look Like?

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Before you even head to the shampoo bowl, any reputable stylist should take time to discuss what you hope to achieve by using their services. If your salon appointments don’t begin with a detailed hair consultation, it’s a red flag that they may not care about what’s best for your hair. 

Here’s what you can expect at a professional salon like Vakkar. 

They Schedule a Hair Consultation to Discuss Your Initial Concerns

Your first appointment should always include a detailed conversation and examination of your hair. In fact, unless you only need a cut and color refresh, this visit may be just an in-depth discussion. 

Your stylist will sit you down and ask what your lifestyle is like, how much maintenance you’re willing to dedicate to your hair, and what type of style you’ve been considering. While you’re chatting, he or she will run fingers through your hair to determine several things: if your scalp is dry or oily, how much damage has been done (such as through bleaching or using heat tools), and whether your hair is thick, thin, fine, or coarse. 

By the end of your consultation with your stylist, the two of you will have discussed which styles and/or colors will work best for your hair’s texture, your skin tone, and your face shape. Whether they begin your hair journey on the spot or schedule it for your next visit, you’ll leave the salon knowing exactly what kind of cut and color will make your hair healthy and allow you to look and feel your best.  

Every Cut and Color Appointment Begins With a Question/Feedback Session

At the beginning of every hair appointment, your stylist should take about ten minutes to ask you a few questions and discuss your expectations. How do you like your current style? Is it hard to fix? What products are you using? What changes are you looking for? Will anything make you happier?

This is also the time when you can provide photos and discuss cut and color ideas. Whether it’s a past style you had or something you saw on Instagram you’d like to try, you should receive honest feedback on whether or not it’s a good fit. It might be a cut that’s better for an oval face while your face is more round. Or, the shade of blonde in the photo might not suit your skin tone best. 

A skilled stylist will always recommend a shade and cut that best brings out your natural beauty

meeting with a hairstylist for a hair consultation
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They Listen and Take Notes 

There’s a reason why many clients think of their hairstylist as a counselor – they are truly there to listen! While you might be able to talk to your stylist about your love life and career, you should definitely feel comfortable explaining every detail regarding your styling preferences. The main goal of every hair consultation is to comprehend how to make you happy every time you’re in our salon and between appointments.

If you tell us you didn’t like the scent of the shampoo we used last time, we’ll jot that down and use a different one from now on. If you tell us you absolutely love how long your lived-in color lasted, we’ll take note of it. Even if you really enjoyed the mint tea you drank at your last appointment, we’ll make sure to have it on hand again for next time. 

Long story short, you should always feel heard and understood by your stylist. 

They Help Set Expectations

Thinking of trying a new style? If so, your stylist will make you aware of what to expect with styling products, maintenance, and overall upkeep. A short cut, for example, will require more frequent salon visits. Curtain bangs will need to be blown dry and sprayed with a texturizing spray to stay in place all day. And opting for a darker hair color will reveal grays faster as it grows out. 

When you leave with your new ‘do, there should be no surprises because your stylist has had detailed discussions with you.

They Recommend Products That Are Best for Your Hair 

Because your stylist wants you to get the most out of your cut or color, he or she will take time to suggest shampoos and styling products that address your hair’s unique needs. Some shampoos, such as Davines Heart of Glass are better for preventing blondes from becoming brassy. Some heat protectants and serums will keep frizz at bay and deliver a shine boost. Certain volumizing sprays can transform fine, flat hair.

And just as important, your stylist will tell you which ingredients to avoid in hair care products, since many of them are actually harmful to your hair. 

If You’re Not Feeling Like the Most Important Person in the Salon During Every Hair Consultation, Call Vakkar

By the time your cut or color begins, you should feel confident that you’re going to love the way it turns out. That’s because your stylist has already taken the time to address your concerns and has told you everything possible about how to maintain the style you’ve decided on. If you’re ready to book an appointment where you’ll receive honest advice and professional service at every visit, book a consultation at Vakkar.

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