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Your unique face, body, and personality are what make you who you are—and your hair is no different. Whether it’s wavy or straight, blonde or brown, oily or dry, that’s what you were born with. Rather than wishing your natural look away or taking measures to make it just like someone else’s, why not take advantage of personalized hair treatments designed to make your locks more healthy, vibrant, and beautiful?

NaturalTech Tailoring by Davines is an exclusive organic salon treatment customized to address specific hair care challenges. It delivers instant results, so it’s the perfect solution if you’re looking for that “WOW” factor at an upcoming special event. Vakkar stylists will take their time to assess your needs and treat you to a relaxing experience in our Clayton salon. Before you know it, you’ll be walking out feeling confident and loving the way you look!    

Custom Organic Tailoring to Protect and Repair Your Hair 

Many clients don’t realize how bad their current hair care products are for their hair. Chemical ingredients like silicone, sulfates, and parabens can not only cause hair to weaken and break; they can be the culprit of eczema, itchy scalp, frizzy hair, and even hair loss. NaturalTech’s in-salon treatments are formulated with organic hair care products derived from Davines’ Scientific Garden in Parma, Italy. Their researchers have created ingredients with natural bases and botanical extracts to replace harmful synthetic chemicals. 

Because every head of hair is different, NaturalTech by Davines includes a variety of possible hair infusions that can be mixed and matched. Vakkar Salon follows a four-step process to assess your hair’s needs and apply the products that will address your concerns.

Step 1: Take the Quiz

Your tailored hair treatment experience begins with a consultation using Davines’ tailoring consultation diagnostic tool. The results allow us to identify your primary and secondary hair concerns, to give you personalized advice and custom tailoring of the products.

Questions in the quiz ask about:

  • Your scalp. Is it dry, greasy, itchy, or do you have dandruff?
  • Texture. Is your hair straight, wavy, curly, or coily?
  • Thickness. Is your hair fine, medium, or thick?
  • Treatments. Is your hair natural, color-treated, bleached, permed, or straightened with a keratin treatment?
  • Color: Is your hair blonde, brown, black, gray, or red?
  • Concerns: Do you need hydration, strength, shine, or more volume?

Step 2: We Select a Highly Naturally-Derived Serum Base

After reading the results of your diagnostic quiz and discussing your hair care goals, our stylists select one of four cutting-edge base products to address your primary hair health challenge:

  • For Fine And Thinning Hair: Volume base
  • For Dry And Brittle Hair: Moisture Base
  • For Color Treated Hair In Need Of Shine:  Radiance Base
  • For Fragile and Stressed Hair:  Strength Base
hair having a NaturalTech treatment
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Step 3: We Choose A Botanical Extract Booster

Once you and your stylist have settled on the most appropriate base, it’s time to choose one of six botanical extract boosters in the NaturalTech by Davines line:

  • Volumizing, for a full-bodied look.
  • Hydrating, to make hair softer and easier to comb.
  • Illuminating, to promote hair’s natural shine.
  • Fortifying, to strengthen damaged hair.
  • Controlling, or smoother hair.
  • Blonde Brightening, with UV protection and more shine.

Step 4: Sit Back and Enjoy an Indulgent Experience

After our stylist diagnoses your hair care needs, you can relax as we massages the serum and base into your hair and style it as requested. There’s no processing time needed, so you can leave the salon with luminous healthy hair. And it smells amazing too!  

Want At-Home Organic Protection for Your Blonde Hair?

NaturalTech by Davines is a great in-salon treatment, but Vakkar Salon offers awesome at-home Davines products too. If you have natural or color-treated blonde hair, its lack of melanin and/or bleaching process makes it more prone to damage. Davines offers a simple five-part regimen to help you  maintain the health and beauty of your blonde strands at home, and we’re proud to offer it at Vakkar. 

Heart of Glass shampoo, conditioner, intense treatment, sheer glaze, and instant bonding glow work wonders to illuminate your hair and protect it.

Blue Shampoo and Conditioner

While our stylists use the color wheel to match the exact tone of blue or purple that blondes need, Heart of Glass Blue Shampoo and Conditioner has a unique indigo blue color extracted from Jagua fruit. This hue is perfect for all types of blonde hair — as it will help both cool and warm-tone blondes from becoming brassy. It also revives dull hair after exposure to sun, chlorine, and saltwater, and can be used with every hair wash. 

Sheer Glaze

Made with a natural active ingredient sourced from Scandinavian forests, this botanical shield protects the hair from heat while also strengthening, hydrating, and providing elasticity. 

Intense Treatment

Applied after showering, this treatment strengthens hair while also helping to repair damage.

Instant Blonding Glow

Not only does this formula provide fast-acting extra-shine; it strengthens and repairs the hair fiber and prolongs the brightness of the color. 

Sustainable Hair Treatments Make You Look Good While Feeling Good About the Earth

Not only are Davines products better for your hair, they’re better for the entire planet. The organic hair products we use in our salon are sustainably grown and extracted using low-energy methods. Even Davines packaging includes reusable bottle applicators, fully recyclable packaging, and post-consumer recycled bottles! 

Vakkar Salon is proud to carry Davines organic hair care products. We would love to discuss how they can help you love your natural hair. Schedule a consultation today so we can get started.

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