6 Warning Signs Your Stylist Isn’t Taking Enough Time With You

hairstylist taking time with their client

Let’s face it: We’re all busy. 

We run into the grocery store and pick the shortest checkout lane. We expect the barista at the coffee shop to move at lightning speed. We spend most of the drive to and from work in the left lane. 

But when it comes to taking time for a new hairstyle, it’s never okay to be rushed. If your stylist or colorist is pushing you out the door just as fast as you came in, there’s a problem. Here are a few red flags that you aren’t spending enough time in the salon, and that you should switch to a new hair stylist in St. Louis as soon as possible.

  1. They Don’t Sit You Down for a Cut and Color Consultation

Every time you come in, your stylist should take five to ten minutes to discuss your expectations. How did you like your hair last time? What worked and what didn’t? What kinds of changes are you looking for? What will make you happier?

You should receive honest feedback about any style you’re requesting. A skilled colorist can recommend a shade that will suit your eyes and skin tone best, but will also give a professional opinion about what won’t work well for you. And if you bring in a picture of a cut you like, your stylist should tell you whether it’s right for your face shape and hair type, or warn you if it will take an hour to fix every morning. Basically, each salon appointment should begin with a brief education about the best look for you and your lifestyle. 

  1. They Squeeze a Complex Transformation into a Short Time Slot

All salon clients are scheduled for a block of time that accommodates their service. For instance, a pixie cut trim might take 45 minutes, while a full head of foils might be scheduled for two hours. If you’re slotted for a 90 minute partial highlight and you suddenly decide to dye your hair from brunette to blonde, your colorist should explain that such a change can’t be made in a single appointment. 

Color correction requires multiple steps, including lifting of the dark color, then coloring and toning with the lighter color, and then conditioning. And if you’re trying to repair bad hair color, the whole correction process  can take months. Rushing through and applying a light color on top of a dark color in one sitting is extremely damaging, and definitely won’t look good. 

Long story short: A stylist who agrees to deliver a major change in a short amount of time doesn’t have their client’s best interest in mind. After a detailed color consultation, they might be able to  begin the initial stage of a transformation. Then they can schedule follow-up appointments to complete the process.

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  1. They Cut Corners 

Professionally trained stylists should never speed through essential parts of a haircut. If you hear a “snip” sound throughout your cut or see large chunks falling to the floor, it’s a sign that your stylist isn’t concerned with precision. Another bad sign is when clippers are used on a woman’s short haircut. Clippers are okay for a barber shop, but they can sometimes result in a “fuzzy,” unfeminine look. Scissors take more time, but they’re much better for seamless blending.

And if your hair isn’t completely dry at the end of each appointment, consider it a red flag. Every reputable hair stylist in St. Louis knows that sending wet or even damp hair outside is a frizzball waiting to happen. A quality blow dry should take at least 20 minutes. It’s best to switch salons if yours doesn’t take that long. 

  1. They Don’t Detail Your Hair

When finished with your cut, a stylist should look at your hair from multiple angles. They should stand in front of you and make sure both sides are even, look at the back for longer strands, and have you hang your head upside down to check for hairs sticking out underneath. They should also take time to texturize, which adds movement and volume while reducing bulk.   

When you find a stylist that does all this for their clients, you’ll never find yourself at home snipping stray hairs with your own scissors. 

  1. They Don’t Recommend the Best Hair Products

A skilled stylist uses high-quality products that bring your cut and color to life, and should tell you how to get that “fresh from the salon” look at home. 

We’re not talking about a hard-sell, but your colorist should take time to suggest shampoos for maintaining new highlights, recommend heat protectants and serums for keeping frizz at bay, and tell you which ingredients are bad for your hair type. All of these things can help you enjoy your new ‘do for as long as possible – which every caring stylist wants for their clients. 

  1. You Don’t Leave Feeling A Million Times Better Than When You Came In

An appointment at the salon should be something to look forward to. It’s a time to be pampered, a time to be heard, and a time to feel beautiful. It’s certainly not a time to feel unimportant. If you can’t remember the last time your stylist made you feel like you were the only person that mattered, it’s time to make a switch. You won’t understand what you’re missing until you do. 

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