Pastel + Vibrant = Fashion Color

What is your color
What is your color

Fashion color

Pastel and vibrant colors have become mainstream with the popularity of artists such as Pink and Katie Perry, and many others. There was once a time when you would see someone with blue, green, or pink hair and say wow.  In 2015, it is now common to see a preppy girl with green, blue, or a rose gold ombre colored hair.

Fashion colors are a great way to step out of the box and create peek-a-boo, ombre or sombre colors.  When you have an experienced colorist such as at Vakkar Salon who has studied balayage, they are able to recreate any of these colors.  Stylists choose how much and where to place color in the hair by sweeping or painting color.  This is how today’s top stylist create beautiful pastel and vibrant fashion colors.  Yes, it does seem to take a certain personality to wear fashion color, but why can’t you?

When choosing to add fashion color to your hair you need to ask your self three very important questions.  First, what color or colors do I like?  Second, how much maintenance is required to keep up the color?  Third, what do you want to spend on your hair color?  Peek-a-boo, ombre, and somber colors do fade naturally and your hair will look great with natural highlights.

Vakkar Salon hopes we helped shine some light on vibrant and pastel coloring and we are happy to         consult you before committing to a service appointment.  Make your consultation appointment online at today or call (314) 991-1616.

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