Auburn, brunette, mahogany, and a splash of highlights

I want to be a Rich brunette
I want to be a Rich brunette

Keeping it real with block color

When creating natural looking hair color that pops, there is one element that must exist.  This element is having one color that pushes the boundary for what natural color should look like.  Colors that are reflective in tone create an editorial look that clients want.

Our client Julie wanted her to color look professional but desired her new hair color to stand out.  After flipping through the swatch book, we found all the colors that caught her eye. The one thing she knew she wanted to be a warm brunette.  From this point, Vakkar stylist developed her hair color.

The kind of color technique we used on our client was a block color with foil and balayage.  A twelve section block color with four total colors was used.  Most natural hair colors have at least five different tonal values and color going through the hair.  The colors we decided to use were 4+5nw, 5m, 5 + 6rog, and highlight.  To finish there was a Davines finest pigment glaze over the highlights.

As you can see we were able to create a very natural, but very soft warm brunette color.  Ask yourself what was the unnatural color in this formula? The color used was mahogany.  Notice now, Julie has a believable natural looking hair color that could be on a cover of a magazine.

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