Ombre and sombre color

which color is better for you?
Which color is better for you?

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Ombre and sombre color

Ombre and Sombre colors are created using a technique called balayage, which literally means sweeping.  When applying balayage color, a sweeping motion is used toward the root to create the transition.  So, what is the difference between ombre and sombre color?

Originally, ombre color was intended to mimic surfer hair.  This type of hair color was often darker at the root and light to very light toward the ends.  Ombre colors in 2015 have a bit more nuance if you are looking for the urban chic color.

Sombre color is much softer in transition and is less defined from top to bottom.  Tina Ratsaboutesua, a Vakkar Salon stylist once said,  “have you ever grabbed a hand full of sand and seen how many different colors are actually in your hand?  Now go create a somber color.”  We use this principle across the board when applying somber color depending on whether you want to be a blonde, brunet, or a red head.

Vakkar Salon hopes we were able to help you understand the difference between ombre and sombre color.  We also recognize creating these looks using balayage techniques gives you the best result.  One thing everyone needs to know is that ombre color is not just a trend but is here to stay.

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