Hair Styling Partys

Personal Styling Classes

Who has a bad day when you have great hair?  Vakkar Salon stylists love to teach clients how to improve their styling techniques.  Building confidence in styling will make everyday a bit smooth.  We are here to build your skills and teach you how to blow dry, curl, flat iron, back comb, control fly-aways, braids, or usage of product to improve your styling.

Would you like the opportunity to book a hands on styling class with New York trained stylists.  Here at Vakkar, we believe taking a holistic approach in your hair education will allow you to become more confident, increased knowledge with styling and usage of produce to create finished looks.  If you are advanced at your styling your hair already, let us help take you to the next styling level.

BYOD Parties

Vakkar Salon offers BYOD parties (bring your own dryer) for up to eight indivduals.  Invite  your closest friends, family, and/or co-workers to our salon and let us teach you how to style your hair and create finished looks.   These parties are offered on Tuesday evenings after 5 p.m..  Come  and enjoy complimentary food and beverages while learning to enhance your beauty.  Vakkar Salon is located in Ladue, Missouri.  Call today and to book your BYOD party.  314/991-1616

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