How To Choose The Right Kind Of Extensions For You

Vakkar Salon offers two very different types of hair extensions: Perfectress and Harper Ellis. It can be hard to know which type of extension may be best suited for you, so we’re here to help give you insight into what Perfectress and Harper Ellis both have to offer!


  • Perfectress is an efficient, 1-step style of hair extension
  • The extension lies flat on the head
  • It promotes even growth in the hair
  • Competitively priced
  • Good quality hair
  • There is no tension on the head
  • Offers different texture options and natural colors to choose from
  • Customizable wefts
  • Uses about 3-4 wefts
  • The bead is not concealed
  • Extensions can be reverted to clip-in style upon request

Harper Ellis

  • Harper Ellis boasts a concealed bead method, with hand tied extensions
  • Offers a variety of natural hair colors to choose from
  • The service takes 2-3 hours, and is a 3-step process
  • There is no tension on the head
  • Competitive pricing for the quality of this style hair extension
  • You may come across problems such as:
    • the beads could slip
    • the sew slips

Perfectress will be the more straightforward and efficient kind of hair extensions. It’s great quality and lays nicely on the head. Harper Ellis extensions are hand-tied which are currently very trendy right now, and the application process will take longer due to them being sewn.

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