Our Safest Measures

Here at Vakkar Salon, we are trying to provide the best environment for our clients to come back to. The safety and comfort we can offer to our clients as well as our employees is our biggest priority. In our salon, we have a ventilation system that is always running. What it does is every 45 min, it cleans out our building’s air and replaces it. Not recycled – replaced!

One of the biggest concerns right now is being inside buildings. That is where more stress is added because you have to worry about the air quality indoors. No one wants recycled air. With Covid-19 continuing to be a persistent threat, it’s important to be aware of what each business will practice to ensure safety. Are other salons you see replacing their building’s air with fresh air every 45 minutes?

We are also continuing to use blow dryers in our salon. We feel extremely confident that with our precision style blow dryers, along with our ventilation system, our use of them will not add any extra worry for our clients.

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