5 Things the Best Salons Do When Color Correcting Hair

hairstylist color correcting a client's hair

Are you hesitant to see your stylist for color correction? If so, it’s probably a sign to switch salons. Professional color specialists should be approachable. Whether you ended up with bad hair color due to their mistake or yours, they should be ready to offer honest advice on how to fix it. 

If your stylist isn’t taking the following steps when coloring your hair, they may not have your hair’s best interest at heart – and it’s probably time to call Vakkar. 

  1. They Take Time to Thoroughly Evaluate Your Color Correction Needs

Every color appointment should begin with a detailed consultation. By having an open, honest conversation about what you liked and disliked about your last hair color, stylists can get the answers they need to meet your expectations. 

If your last hair color made you feel pale, for example, perhaps the color you chose was wrong for your complexion. During a consultation, knowledgeable color specialists recommend hair colors that complement the client’s natural undertone and eye color. They shouldn’t agree to placing a cool hair color on a warm skin tone or vice-versa without warning you that it might wash you out. 

If you noticed roots sooner than expected, your stylist probably didn’t take time to discuss the maintenance required for the color or method of application you chose. For instance, highlights may need a touchup every four weeks, while balayage can last several months. Likewise, dark mocha on top of honey blonde will show growth quickly, which you should have been made aware of before taking the plunge. 

And if your hair felt dry and brittle within a few weeks of your last appointment, it’s possible that your stylist didn’t warn you about making a drastic transformation too quickly. Changing from dark to blonde should take several appointments to avoid damaging the hair.   

  1. They Refer to the Hair Color Wheel

When color correcting hair, a good stylist never just wings it. Professional salons use the science-based hair color wheel to determine which colors will complement each other and which colors will cancel each other out. A cool color directly across from a warm color on the wheel must be used to neutralize unwanted results, and vice-versa. For example, when fixing brassy hair

  • Adding purple or violet toner gets rid of yellow. 
  • Adding blue cancels out orange.
  • Adding green gets rid of red.

An untrained eye might just look at brassy orange results and try to fix it with purple toner, when the hair actually needs blue toner to tame it. Every reputable colorist will consider the hair color wheel to make the appropriate match.

hairstylist color correcting client's hair
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  1. When Hair is Too Far Gone, They Refuse to Fix It

After examining your locks and discussing your recent color history, your stylist may be able to add toner or a deep conditioner to bring your hair back to life. But no matter how much you’re willing to pay, the best salons will never put more color on top of overly processed hair.

Instead, they will suggest letting your hair heal by giving it a break for a few months, or starting fresh with a new cut. While getting rid of your beloved strands can seem scary, a great stylist will explain why it’s the best choice for your hair’s health – and will send you home with a cute bob or pixie cut you’ll love.

  1. They Schedule a Follow-Up Appointment to Check on Your Results

After color correcting your hair, a reputable salon will want to know if you’re happy with the results. They will insist you come back for a 15-minute complementary checkup, at which time they will examine your hair’s texture and suggest a conditioning treatment if it’s needed. And if the color isn’t what you expected, they will schedule another appointment to adjust it. 

  1. They Encourage Clients to Embrace Their Natural Beauty

Stylists are artists – which means they can be very creative. But in the art of hair color, natural beauty is the best canvas to work with. Instead of convincing clients to go bold and try something completely off the wall, professional colorists suggest working with the color and texture clients already have. 

Honey blonde highlights around the face can keep skin glowing long after a summer tan fades. Caramel balayage adds dimension to brown hair that feels a little plain. And a touch of cinnamon on a muted redhead adds the perfect amount of depth and warmth for fall. 

The best salons know that hair color doesn’t need to be drastic; it just needs to show off the beauty we’re born with!  

Vakkar Stylists are Experts at Color Correcting Hair

If you’re not sure your salon has your hair’s best interest in mind, it’s time to schedule a consultation at Vakkar. Our stylists check all the boxes when it comes to expert color correction, from consulting with clients about their expectations, to using the color wheel, to finding ways to work with natural beauty. We love what we do, and we want you to love your results. 
To book a consultation today, call or text us at (314) 648-3121. Or book online by clicking here.

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