This Year’s Hottest Fall Hair Color Trends

woman with new dyed hair for autumn

Looking for ways to warm up your hair this fall? Throw on a cozy sweater and head to your local cafe. That’s what celebrities all over Instagram seem to have done. Autumn shades like espresso, pumpkin spice, and apple cider look like they hopped right off of Starbucks menu and onto the heads of Hollywood’s finest. But truthfully? They probably just asked their stylists for this year’s hottest fall hair color trends. 

Here are some of our color experts’ favorite autumn hair shades. Make sure to ask your Vakkar stylist which look is right for you.

Decadent Fall Hair Colors for Brunettes

Sweet treats are a common theme for brown hair this season, with flavors ranging from light caramel to dark mocha and espresso. The important thing brunettes should keep in mind when choosing autumn shades is to stick with colors that complement their skin tones. Warm golden undertones look good with chocolate hair hues. Those with olive or cool undertones should stick with deep velvety hues and avoid any hints of red. And anyone with natural light golden or strawberry blonde hair should stay away from chocolate hues to avoid looking washed out. Our professional stylists will suggest the perfect shades to bring out your natural beauty—even after your summer tan fades.  


Caramel hair in fall 2023 is a mix of honey, toffee, and warm-blonde. It’s a great way to add dimension to brown hair, especially when applied as highlights or ribbons. For an all-out caramel kick, ask your stylist for an all-over caramel balayage like Jennifer Lopez.

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Latte Macchiato

This gorgeous hair color creates a contrast similar to that between coffee and cream. Thin highlights appear throughout chocolate mocha hair, while thicker biscotti-colored tendrils frame the face for a bright but warm look. 

Espresso Brown

The taste of cafe espresso is bold with a full-bodied finish, and this autumn hair color is no different. The rich, timeless shade is great for neutral skin tones, allowing just about anyone to pull it off. It may be simple and classic, but even royalty in the likes of Meghan Markle have chosen it as a favorite.

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Mushroom Brown

We love mushrooms in a good frittata, but as a hair color? Definitely! Mushroom brown is one of the hottest fall hair color trends, with a creamy blend of brown and gray. It can work for neutral skin by adding more brown, or become a cooler shade by mixing in more gray. The bonus with this autumn shade? Mushroom brown has ashy undertones, so it’s great for keeping salt and pepper strands at bay.

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Scrumptious Autumn Shades for Blondes

With these delicious hair color trends, blondes can still have fun in fall. The key to transitioning from bright and sunny hair to darker blonde is adding warm lowlights. As summer tans start to fade, switching to darker shades can prevent skin from looking pale and washed out. Your stylist will take time to consult with you about the best way to tone summer hair down without causing damage.

Honey Blonde

Also known as bronde, honey blonde hair is a perfect blend of blonde and brown. It’s still light enough to keep cool tones from looking washed out, but dark enough to evoke a cozy feel. Rosie Huntington-Wheatley pulls this autumn favorite off beautifully with a honey gloss framing her face.

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French Toast

No syrup is needed to enjoy this satisfyingly subtle beige blonde. French Toast’s blend of gold and chestnut makes it flattering on multiple skin tones. It’s a natural look that doesn’t require much maintenance, so you can continue to enjoy it throughout fall and winter.

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Muted Strawberry Blonde

Sure, strawberry-blonde is popular in warm weather months, but toning down the red makes it a perfect autumn hair color. It’s the perfect compromise for blondes who aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to summer.

Cozy Blonde

If you have cool skin undertones, this copper-infused, bronzey blonde with honey hues might be your new favorite shade. It was a popular color last fall and is still one of the most requested ways to tone down a brighter blonde. Besides its name, the best thing about this autumn hair color is that it works for natural blondes and light brunettes, as well as anyone who feels washed out from their summer look. Hailey Bieber is glowing in her cozy blonde locks. 

Hottest Fall Hair Color Trends for Redheads

Whether you’re a ginger, a strawberry blonde, or don’t even have a hint of natural red hair color, fall is a great time to play with red shades. Cool complexions will look best with saturated red colors as well as peach, auburn, and cinnamon. For those with warm undertones, bold shades like burgundy, chestnut, copper, and chocolate cherry are best. And if you have neutral skin, you can try any of them! 

Apple Cider

A blend of auburn, ginger, and copper makes this orange-red color seen on Barbie Ferreira a great choice for autumn hair. Your stylist can turn this into a deeper auburn shade by muting the red, or a burnt orange with more vibrant red.

Pumpkin Spice

It’s the most ordered item at a coffee bar in fall, and almost just as popular as a hair color this season. Pumpkin spice blends copper, gold, and warm browns, so it can be applied on anyone with blonde-to-medium-brown hair color.


Cinnamon hair has copper tones on a brunette base. It’s not as hard to maintain as red, and lends a flattering glow to just about any skin undertone. For a trendy fall hairstyle, consider a cinnamon balayage, with warm-cinnamon starting at the roots and fading into strawberry blonde at the ends.

Chocolate Cherry

If you have a warm complexion, try this delicious autumn shade. It’s more brown than burgundy, but redder than black cherry for a subtle kick of color. What’s really fun? When you’re inside, it looks deep brown, but it shows red tones when you step into the sun. 

Choose Your Hair Color For Fall at Vakkar Salon

Although we all love an excuse to grab a hot beverage and tasty treat at Starbucks, our colorists don’t need to visit a coffee shop for fall color inspiration. At Vakkar, we stay on top of the most popular trends for transitioning tresses into every season. Contact us to book a consultation. We can’t wait to get started on your new look!

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