Changing Hair Color? Your Makeup Palette Might Need to Change Too

new hair color with new makeup palette

Changing your hair color is just one part of your overall look. The best color works well with a person’s natural skin tone and even eye color. Makeup choices are part of the big picture, too.

Your usual makeup color palette could end up looking slightly “off”, especially with an extreme hair color change. You might need to tweak your makeup routine to complement your new hair.   

Makeup and Hair Color Choices Let You Be You  

When you see a redhead wearing certain clothes you might think, “Wow, she looks great in that color!” Or you might notice how a blue-eyed woman’s eyes really pop with specific hues. Subconsciously, we are aware of how colors complement or clash with hair color, clothing, skin tone, and makeup. 

The master colorists at Vakkar Salon will help you uncover the right hair color for your complexion. We’ll also recommend what shades of makeup will bring out your best. This is especially important when changing hair several shades, or transitioning to gray. A hair color and makeup consultation is a great idea for everyone. 

Our consultations begin with a conversation about your personal style and the look you are trying to achieve. From there, we will look at the center of your eyes and your skin tone.  

The most important part of the consultation is finding out how we can support you being you. This includes offering ideas and gently steering you away from colors that won’t work for you.. 

Before Changing Hair Color Think About the Big Picture  

The Vakkar team encourages you to be true to yourself. So, if you want something a bit wild and fun, like hair that’s magenta or blue, we can make it happen. But not everyone can pull off that look. The reality is that most people benefit from sticking with more neutral choices.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make a fun or dramatic change in hair color. Just remember that it could alter the appearance of your complexion. Even when the color is exactly what you wanted, it might make your complexion seem darker or lighter, or bring out olive or pink skin tones you hadn’t noticed before. This is why our colorists put so much thought into helping you choose the right colors for you—we want to achieve the most complementary result for your specific skin tone and eye color.

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Changing Makeup to Complement Your Hair Color

Makeup and hair color choices go hand-in-hand. If you do want new makeup after having your hair colored, a Vakkar makeup artist will work with you to choose makeup colors to complement your hair color. If you would like to try some new pairings on your own, here are some general guidelines. Remember though, you are unique, and that goes for how makeup shades will look with your particular skin tone, eye, and hair color. 

Blonde Hair

Many makeup artists recommend light tones of makeup for women with blonde hair to help them avoid looking washed out. Blushes in pastel pinks and peaches, not deep rose, are often best for blondes.   

Gray Hair

Some say women with gray hair look best with understated makeup. Others recommend wearing stronger shades to add more contrast to their appearance. Suggestions often include wearing a darker shade of lipstick; a shade of blush slightly deeper or brighter than your normal color; and eyeliner in brown, navy, or plum.

Light Brown Hair

Light brown hair is a neutral shade, which means you can go with almost any makeup shade. Neutral eyeshadow tones, black mascara, brown eyeliner, and orange-red lipstick work well for many women with light brown hair. Some makeup artists recommend a bronzer with hints of peach and pink tones to add radiance to your skin. A Vakkar stylist will consider the undertones in your hair when recommending makeup colors.  

Dark Brown Hair

Women with dark brown hair can look beautiful wearing any color of makeup and clothes. Highlights and lowlights and how you want them to stand out can determine how light or dark to go with makeup colors. Red and purple makeup shades tend to work well with red undertones in their dark hair. 

Black Hair

Makeup artists consider black hair to be a neutral shade. When you wear black clothing, you add interest with colorful accessories. When your hair is black, you can go bold with red lipstick, dark blush, and dramatic eye shadow. For a more casual look, jewel tones matching your hair’s undertones work well. Eye shadows in sapphire and emerald complement cool undertones, while garnet and plum shadows go well with warm undertones.

Red Hair

Women with red hair stand out no matter what. They make up just 2% of the population, after all. Redheads look captivating with makeup in earth tones. They should skip red and pink blush or lipstick colors, instead choosing neutral shades that flatter their coloring.  

Matching Hair Color and Makeup Products 

Makeup artists have recommendations for matching hair color for everything from brow pencils to foundations. 

  • Brows: Conventional wisdom says that eyebrows look best when they are the same color as a woman’s hair. But exceptions to this rule are everywhere nowadays. Black eyebrows look good on women with black hair, but if they want to soften their look they can go with cool brown or dark neutral eyebrows. And light haired women can look great with a bold, dark brow. Again, seeing what works best with both hair and skin tone is the way to go.  
  • Foundation: If your complexion looks pale or washed out with your new hair color, a new foundation, blush, or bronzer might give you the warm look you want. Some highly pigmented foundations and concealers have golden or beige undertones that can help bring out new highlights or lowlights. 
  • Blush and bronzer: Changing your look by adding depth and dimension to your face with makeup can do a lot to complement a new hair color. 
  • Lipstick: When you make a big change in hair color, consider trying new lipstick shades. You might find that a cool shade works better than your old warmer one—or vice versa. 

Hair Color and Makeup Consultations at Vakkar

Just as you know whether you look and feel better in a maxi dress or a pencil skirt, you will also know when your hair and makeup colors are on point. But knowing something doesn’t look quite right and knowing how to fix it are two very different things. 

At Vakkar Salon, what we do is part art and part science. We can create incredible hair color shades that will give you the depth and shine that does the most for your coloring. We’ll also make sure your makeup is working with your chosen hair color. (And of course, we’ll give you the best cut for your features too!)  

Schedule your consultation today. You can call or text us at (314) 648-3121, or book online by clicking here

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