At Home Color Kits

Last year Vakkar Salon launched our At Home Color Kits – and it’s safe to say they were a HIT! You now have the option to safely color your hair at home, but this isn’t just any old box color from Target. We are proud to offer our clients our expert color formulas, individually crafted just for you!

You will get the same specialized formula that you would receive if you came into our salon for an appointment. As far as at home hair coloring goes, this is the best you can get!

When you purchase our Intro Kit you will receive:

  • A color bowl
  • Brush
  • Gloves (gotta protect those hands!)
  • Hairline protection
  • Color wipes (in case things get a little messy!)
  • A towel
  • Your personalized color formula
  • Activator
  • A set of instructions
  • And some special treats (hint…it’s candy!)

And when you’re ready to touch up your color again, we offer refill kits!

Our Refill Kit includes:

  • Your personalized color formula
  • Activator
  • More of that handy hairline protection
  • And more color wipes!

These color kits are fun and convenient, you may just start feeling like a junior stylist! And if you ever have questions regarding your color kit, you can always call the salon and speak with one of our stylists! We’re happy to ease any of your concerns and ensure that you feel confident in applying your color at home.

Want to know more about our At Home Color Kits? Stop by the salon to chat with us or give us a call at 314.991.1616

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