Controlling Curls with Vakkar Salon

Do you find when styling curly hair it is hard to recreate the same result each time. David Johnston, Creative Director and Vakkar Salon Owner would like to share some tips on how to create a consistent result each time you style.


–       Remove access water from hair, “your hair will almost still be dripping.”

–       Apply curly moisture mousse. “Use a palm full starting at the mid shaft of your hair    
working down through ends and then massage to scalp.”

–       Apply curl building serum. “A nickel sized amount, start mid shaft through ends and massage towards the scalp.”

–       Twist hair in alternating sections. “15-30 sections will do.”

–       Sit under a hood dryer. “15 – 30 minutes.”

–       Pull curls apart gently, “creating the texture and look you desire.”


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