Texture and Hold with Natural Shine

Davines Nounou
Davines Nounou
Nearly all humans have some degree of hair damage caused by factors such as the environment, chemical processing, or hot tool styling. Nounou shampoo from Davines Essentials hairline was developed to help repair and nourish the hair. This product has a tomato extract which conditions, adds shine, and repairs the hair. Nounou is paraben and sulfate-free with a pleasing aroma of white tea, making Nounou a favorite among Vakkar stylists and clients alike.
Blow drying and hot tools can damage the hair when used on a daily bases and Vakkar stylists recommend using a heat protectant product such as Melu Heat Shield. Hairspray can also be used to help shield the hair by acting as a protective barrier to the strands of hair. By using a flexible hairspray such as This is a Medium Hairspray, the product can be applied to the hair before it is styled in order to avoid direct heat. The hairspray will add further grip and hold to the hair, regardless of the desired texture. From smooth and sleek to scrunched beachy waves, the use of a holding spray aids in the overall style.
Although not an obvious pairing, these products work harmoniously together in order to lock in moisture while maintaining style and texture. The use of Nounou shampoo and conditioner helps to lock in moisture for the hair and maintain hair health that is often lost with the use of styling tools and hair products. Styling varies from person to person based on his or her preference. Contrary to popular belief, hairspray is not limited to a finished style. This is a Medium Hairspray from Davines is a great product on wet hair in order to enhance and hold wave without the heaviness associated with other styling aids such as gels and serums. Together, these items create healthy, shiny hair with texture and hold.

-Vakkar Salon

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