Ladue’s Vakkar Salon has St. Louis’ Best Keratin Treatment

_MG_3609-before-5x7-300dpiKeratin is the naturally present strengthening .protein in hair Clients with all hair types can benefit from our Keratin treatment and get their hair restored to its finest condition. Those who have unruly hair will no longer experience the daily frustration and stress of styling and maintaining their hair day after day. Following our treatment, hair is left soft, healthy and shiny; it becomes smooth, sleek and frizz free. Best of all, your daily hair maintenance time is greatly reduced, due to your hair being more manageable. Even hair that already appears healthy will benefit from this treatment by strengthening the hair shaft and making the hair more resilient. Vakkar client, Karen Sears, claims “Since getting my Keratin treatment my daily life has totally changed. I used to wake up dreading styling my hair each morning, now I can roll out of bed and simply run a brush through it and I’m done. The weather doesn’t rule my hair anymore!”

In contrast with many salons, Vakkar Salon has a variety of Keratin treatments available. Our stylists will determine which Keratin treatment is most appropriate for you, based upon your hair type, desired results and lifestyle. Depending upon your treatment, the results will last anywhere from four weeks to six months and will cost between $100 to $400.

Steps for Keratin Treatment:
Shampooing & Clarifying
Towel dry hair (remove 50% of moisture)
Apply Keratin product (to specified area)
Dry product into hair with blowdryer
Flat iron hair to bake Keratin in
*Wait 24-72 hours before shampooing, depending upon which product used; keep moisture out

Furthermore, our customers can rest assured knowing our source capture ventilation system will capture any potentially hazardous fumes, always maintaining a safe and healthy environment.
Come in or call today to schedule your Keratin treatment at Vakkar salon.

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