The Unique Approach of David Johnston, Owner of Ladue’s Vakkar Salon


As stated by Confucius, “Choose a job that you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” David Johnston, owner of Ladue’s Vakkár Salon, encompasses this assertion; his talents are pioneering and abundant. While greatly focused and uniquely experienced, he has an array of passions and purposes. As a stylist, expert and teacher, David is an absolute thought leader, offering a truly unrivaled approach in the beauty world. Vakkár Salon provides a genuinely new kind of hair salon, thus creating an innovative, unique and much needed niche in the St. Louis salon and beauty market. With his unparalleled devotion, David avoids the common competitive approach and instead showcases his expertise and ideas to educate both clients and other industry professionals alike. David focuses greatly on teaching clients what they need to know in order to ensure that they can walk out knowing how to recreate that salon finished look. Whether it’s resolving a unique, personal beauty issue or merely solving basic everyday styling questions; David will leave you with self-confidence and a new appreciation of your individual beauty.
Vakkár salon is a true resource for allure, image and self-esteem; clients can be assured that David and his staff desire everyone to attain their optimal self image; thus illustrating the salon’s mantra, “we are all beautiful.”
His passion to service something much larger than himself or even Vakkár, is undoubtedly unparalleled and proves that David Johnston stands apart from other industry leaders. Please stop in and take pleasure in a cutting-edge salon experience today.

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