Color Specialist

Here at Vakkár we believe education and outside the box thinking allow us to be a top salon in St. Louis. Today we are covering the complexity of hair coloring and what you should look for in a color specialist. Hair coloring is much more complex then the average person thinks and should not be taken lightly and coloring is an exact science. Color specialist use artistic ability, critical thinking, and chemistry to create formulas and patterns that transform a client’s image. There are three main aspects a colorist must understand to create designer color. First, a color specialist must understand the chemistry of mixing color to achieve proper level, tone, and not fry the hair. Second, a color specialist must know how to section the hair to get the colors where they want to see them. Third, color specialists need to know how much color saturation is needed to create desired tone and effect. When a stylist holds all these skills they may then be called a color specialist.

Tina Ratsaboutseua, a stylist on the Vakkár design team wants to share a technique she calls “Shelling”. Tina likes to start with natural dark rich hair or lighter hair that needs depth and movement. She then adds panels of amber and carmel shades using diamond and triangular patterns in a block form. Some colors she will choose to apply a base color through out and other colors she will work with the natural base. The end result is a gorgeous trio of colors that will enhance any hairstyle and skin tone. Shelling is truly a natural and dimensional hair color.

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